Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant, Coldstream B.C.

Upgrade and expansion of the existing APACS+ system to the most modern DCS with SIMATIC PCS 7

about mission hill water treatment plant, coldstream b.c.

The Requirements

Kelowna’s sewer system collects, conveys, treats and disposes of domestic and industrial wastewater from the rapidly growing city in the interior of BC. The wastewater is conveyed to Kelowna’s Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), an innovative treatment plant utilizing cutting edge UV disinfection processes and a state-of-the-art odour control system.

The City’s wastewater system currently services close to 80% of Kelowna’s population and is being expanded to reach presently unserviced areas and to accommodate growth. The City’s WWTF presently has the capacity to treat 40 million litres of sewage per day and the flows will soon reach that amount. Over the next four years, a $60 million upgrade to the treatment facility will expand to nearly double it is capacity to 70 million litres a day.

The City of Kelowna’s challenge was not only to upgrade their existing APACS+ control system while protecting their original investment but to lay the foundation for their future control system driven by the plant’s expansion.

Project brief

The Solution

The new APACS+ OS and SIMATIC S7 control system significantly improves the existing control system with functional enhancements and technological advances driven by Siemens world renowned SIMATIC innovations.

The new APACS+ OS and SIMATIC S7 control system utilizes Totally Integrated Automation and SIMATIC IT into their process, resulting in reduced time-to-market, secured investments and increased productivity of the plant.

Products Installed

  • Process Control System APACS+ OS and SIMATIC S7
  • One Engineering Station and five Clients
  • Redundant OS Servers, Central Archive Historian and WebServer
  • Terminal and Plant Bus Networks

Facts and Figures

  • Services close to 80% of City of Kelowna’s population
  • 40 million litres per day presently with expansion to 70 million
  • More then 30 pump stations

Benefits at a Glance

  • Step-wise approach to the migration of the control system
  • Protection of existing capital investments by maintaining the existing APACS+ control hardware
  • Expansion to a state-of-the-art SIMATIC PCS 7 control system with innovative technologies including Asset

The Benefits

The modernization and expansion of the control system for the City of Kelowna’s WWT plant is accomplished in a step-wise approach with minimal risk and highest return on investment. The migration of the HMI to the new APACS+ OS was ­installed and commissioned in parallel to the existing iFIX system eliminating any chances of failure during switchover and allowing operator and control teams to quickly adapt to the new system.The expansion of the plant with Siemens SIMATIC S7 control system provides the City of Kelowna WWT plant, innovative technologies not possible with the previous control system including SFC Visualization for sequential control at the operator station, Asset Management for improved diagnostics and preventative maintenance and Process Device Manager for central parameterization and configuration of intelligent field devices. These technologies greatly improve operator efficiency while decreasing maintenance cost and the overall cost of ownership.

Furthermore, the expansion to PCS 7 provides the foundation for vertical and horizontal integrationfrom field level to the MIS/MES levels. The addition of the Central Archive Server ensures the integrity of long term archived data while the WebServer allows the operator system to be published to the internet for remote monitoring and control. The City of Kelowna WWT plant once again proves Siemens continued commitment to support and improve our currently installed APACS+ systems worldwide.