PLC Programming


PLC Programming

These digital computers are used for automation (typically industrial electromechanical processes) to control machinery.

Examples included factory assembly lines and water pump stations spread throughout a district. PLCs are used in many industries and machines.

TURN-KEY CONTROLS specializes in industrial automation and control systems.

PLC Programming is one part of this process. After hearing your process needs, TURN-KEY CONTROLS LTD. designs and produces programmable logic controller solutions and helps you plan that piece of the puzzle.

Part of the consulting may be assessing how one component interacts with the surrounding electronics and systems.

Simple and Complex

By using the latest technology, TURN-KEY CONTROLS can streamline and automate manufacturing processes. Control systems TURN-KEY designs can range from simple push-button controls operating single motors to complex PLC networks combined with HMI’s and SCADA packages controlling entire manufacturing operations.

PLC platform expertise

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