A Human Machine Interface (HMI, MMI or OI) allows for operator input to the controller through the use of a computer or touch screen. A visual display of the process can be created to display:

  • Current status of process equipment
  • Current process variables
  • Alarms
  • History (both alarm and process variable)

Furthermore, the operator can:

  • Modify setpoints
  • Select modes of operation
  • Select recipes (if applicable to the operation)
  • HMI’s can range from single or multiple line text display to full color PC screens. We have experience with all the major brands (Siemens, AB, Idec, Omron, Redlion, C-more, etc).

Often there is the need to mix HMI and PLC vendors (HMI from vendor A connected to PLC from Vendor B). The team at TURN-KEY CONTROLS is well-experienced. Solutions range from custom driver code to OPC implementation. A program will be created to suit your specific application.